Tawana Dudley, OHHS class of 1996, author of Name Game A to Z

As a young mom of three children, Tawana Dudley wanted to make learning fun for her kids. Going to the library was part of their weekly routine. She often noticed there were few books that highlighted children of color and their unique names. When a child see similarities between them and characters in their story, it makes a difference. She wrote her book Name Game A to Z, to be fun, engaging resource that she wished she had when her kids were little.

As a 1996 graduate of Ottawa Hills High School,

she said she “felt supported academically and socially while attending Ottawa. It helped me to want to be an avid student and instilled a love for literature and people. Later, when I became a mother, I often reflected on how my experiences with GRPS allowed me to thrive because I had people who looked out for my best interest. In the same way through my book, I hope to be able to support others as they learn and grow.”

Dudley believes that reading and true comprehension and indulging in the literary arts is becoming a lost skill. She advices young authors to pick up a physical book and read. “Be the audience for another author before you can gain an audience yourself.”

Dudley is a native of Grand Rapids, wife of 25 years of marriage, and mother of three girls. Her book can be purchased at Hudson Dawn Publishing.

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