Tim & Jordan Roberts (Allen) – Ottawa Hills High School – Class of 2000 & 2002

It all started with a note passed in the stairwell of Ottawa Hills high school. I was a freshman and Tim was a junior. We started exchanging notes to each other every day and it continued throughout the years. I still have every single one still saved in a box. We slowly got to know each other and before long were dating. 

We dated for several years and together weathered Tim’s military career and being activated to Iraq after 9/11. We were married in 2006. After the Marines Tim obtained a degree in nursing and is now the Manager of ER at University of Michigan West. I graduated with a degree in social work and worked for several years at Union High school. Together we have 3 beautiful children who all attended GRPS. We have had so many amazing adventures over the years and we will always remember Ottawa Hills as being the start of that great adventure.

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