Russ & Elizabeth (Sienko) Whitaker – Creston High School – Class of 1984 and 1982

We both attended GRPS from elementary (Palmer and Riverside) then both went to Riverside Middle, then both of us went to Creston High School. We knew each other since 1977 through mutual friends. We had our first date on March 18th 1983.  We went to John Ball Zoo with my best girlfriend and her date. Ever since then Russ and I always did everything together! We attended each other’s sporting events, one Valentine’s dance, and hung out with all our friends and stayed inseparable.  

We got married Aug 17, 1985. I was 19 and Russ was 21 years old. We’ve had 5 children including twins, who all attended Forest Hills schools. We now live in Norton Shores Michigan. We always reminisce when we head into GR and we look at all the GRPS changes and have such great memories together. 

Our life together all started at GRPS!

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