Marcus & Elizabeth (Danielski) Hoeksema – City High Middle School – Class of 1998

Marcus and I met in 1992. I remember seeing him for the first time sitting on a radiator getting ready to go into our Spanish class. We became quick friends. Our friendship continued on and we spent lots of time together in and outside of school. We remained very good friends through 9th grade, even attending our 9th grade prom together. After 9th grade we both went our separate ways with friends and significant others. We remained friendly throughout high school. 

After my freshmen year of college I moved into an apartment with a mutual friend of ours. We started seeing each other again and began talking and then dating. We had always loved each other, it just wasn’t the right time until then. We started dating in 1999. We dated for five years until we got engaged. I was working at Central High School at the time, when all of my colleagues told me he was going to propose! We were married in 2005. 

We live in Grand Rapids. We are both teachers. I have taught in GRPS for 19 years. Marcus taught in GRPS for 7 years, until he left for his dream job at a Montessori middle school. We have two awesome girls, one whom attends City High and the other attends Stepping Stones Montessori. Our friendship and love bloomed in the hallways and classrooms of City High Middle. I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed.

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