Kurt & Joie (Howland) Hauschild – Ottawa Hills High School – Class of 1995 and 1996

Kurt and Joie met in 1992 thru their friend, Karin DeHaan (Kohn). Joie was a Freshman and Kurt was a Sophomore at Ottawa Hills High School. They quickly became best friends and fell in love. And alas, with young love, it did fizzle out after a few months and they tragically broke up. BUT- they got back together after a six month hiatus and have been together ever since. Kurt and Joie both were involved in the School Musicals- starting with Grease. Kurt was on the stage while Joie had to put the spotlight on him. 

After that, there was Oklahoma, and Guys and Dolls. Joie did both tech and was in chorus while Kurt has a main role.  They attended many high school dances and have the embarrassing pictures of big hair and loud outfits. Kurt played Hockey and Joie was on the swim team – both of them were in Choir. After high school, Joie attended college and Kurt worked, they married in 1999.  Then in 2001, Kurt was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. 

They moved and spent 7 years in Los Angeles and had one daughter. Joie worked in the Entertainment Industry as an Accountant while Kurt started a Theatre Company. In 2008, Joie was offered a position to open an office for her company in Louisiana, and they moved and spent 13 years in Baton Rouge, La. During that time, Kurt worked for Theatre Baton Rouge in many productions, in both acting and directing, he got his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and they welcomed their second daughter. In 2020, the family relocated for Kurt’s job to Manhattan KS and Kurt was promoted as Regional Director of Operations.

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