Jack & Anne (Edsenga) Gietzen – Union High School – Class of 1973 and 1972

Jack and I met in Chemistry class. I was a cheerleader and he was a football player. Our teacher, Mr. Vander Woude, had us sitting alphabetically and Jack sat directly in front of me. Mr VanderWoude ran a very strict class but he let Jack turn around and talk to me. He was also a coach of Jack’s. After several weeks he asked Jack if he was going to ask me out and he would ask me if I would go out with Jack, if he asked me. It took about a month for him to ask me out. We dated for 7 short years before we both graduated from MSU and got married. That was almost 45 years ago.

Years later, Mr Vander Woude would tell, our story and tell his students that you never knew what kind of chemistry would happen in his class.

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