Brian & Julie (Pyorala) Marks – Union and Hancock High School – Class of 1961 and 1969

We met in an Art Appreciation class at Grand Rapids Jr. College in the fall of 1969.  I was a bit late for class and couldn’t find a seat.  I heard a voice say, “Here is a seat. Sit here.”  That was Brian, and I went over and sat next to him.  The rest is history. 

 We had an assignment that evening to draw the Alexander Calder sculpture, which we did and then started dating from then on.  We graduated from Grand Rapids Jr. College in 1971 and got married in November of 1975.  We have been married now for 48 years.  We are now both retired. Brian as always in the food business and had two successful pizza restaurants.  I worked as an Administrative Assistant at two different companies before I retired.  We now live in Palm Desert, California. 

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